Fantacy is an ecommerce customisable PHP ecommerce script, delivers a favorable transaction and new trend of shopping experience turns every user into customer. A Greater ability opted in PHP ecommerce script helps in establishing a professional e-portal. These days, a large number of consumers shopping pattern has been changed and concentrating on the digital world. Online Marketplace is the best platform for exchanging one of a kind and hand-made fancy items and assumes a basic part in altering the way people sell, buy and discard products.


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    alex_gatling 11 days ago Permalink

    Definitely, an online marketplace is the 2018 ecommerce trend indeed. To my mind, this is the next step in ecommerce store evolution. If you browse the Web, you'll find a lot of marketplaces that sell hand-made designer items and this is another trend, I think.

    These Etsy-kind of marketplaces always look nice and give a good shopping experience for buyer. For example, check out live marketplaces from this list: https://www.cs-cart.com/multi-vendor-success-stories.html. I especially adore the Country Culture marketplace from Australia. By the way, they all built on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor—one of the best ecommerce marketplace scripts, to my opinion.

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